Love Is My Guiding Light: An Affirmation Poem

Love is the heartbeat of my soul
A feeling that makes me whole
I am deserving of love and joy
For my heart is pure, my spirit coy
I choose to love myself each day
To embrace my flaws and find a way
To be kind, compassionate, and true
For love begins with me, not with you
I am open to giving and receiving love
To cherishing moments like a dove
For love is a gift to be shared
A feeling that cannot be compared
I am grateful for the love I've found
For the people in my life who surround
Me with warmth, comfort, and care
For their love is a treasure beyond compare
Love is my guiding light
A force that makes everything right
I am blessed with an abundance of love
And I vow to cherish it, like a precious dove
For love is the answer to all things
A feeling that makes my heart sing
I am worthy of love, and so are you
Let us spread love, like a morning dew.

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